Heather is a Calgary-based emerging singer/songwriter with proud Saskatchewan roots. With a voice and style that throws back to classic artists such as Joni Mitchell or Carole King, she bridges the gap to a contemporary indie-folk sound thanks to her widely varied musical interests and voracious appetite for seeking out new artists and live musical experiences. 

Heather has never known a time without music in her life. She grew up immersed in the sounds and stories of such classic artists as Dire Straits, The Beatles, Elton John and R&B/Soul legends such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding. She was fortunate to receive musical education in choir and school bands throughout her elementary and high school years and tried out as many instruments as she could, whenever she could get her hands on them. University would temporarily take her away from playing music, however she continued to feed an appetite for music in all forms and the desire to perform was never far away. 

After graduating from university and moving to Calgary, Heather was inspired by the many artists and musicians she befriended. Picking up a guitar was a natural progression and it would be the instrument that helped her find her voice as a songwriter. Her music is drawn from lifelong observations about the struggles of love and family, relationships and heartache. With the release of her debut album "Behind the Lines", Heather has found a new outlet and passion for storytelling and is looking forward to continuing to share her journey of self-expression through her music.